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Samudra Regency

Enjoyable Staying Since 2010

Hotel Samudra Regency is a luxury 3-Star hotel in the heart of Shornur, a land that upholds the culture and history of Kerala.

In 2010, the renowned town of Shornur in Palakkad district was rewarded with yet another landmark. Mr Satheesan Chittanipara established Hotel Samudra Regency that enhances the famous culture of hospitality of Valluvanad. Our modern architectural features add and blend with the picturesque landscape. The splendid interiors and the posh exterior of the hotel combine for a perfect classy look.


Grand and magnificent suites for your comfort stay.




Convention Hall

Samudra diversifies its services by offering two state-of-the-art convention halls on its premises.


To complement the grand stay at Samudra, the hotel is splendid with a sumptuous multi cuisine restaurant and a coffee shop.

Trekking arrangements

Shornur is an Akshaya Patra for trekking sites. Explore the region’s best trekking routes to enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

Ayurvedic Treatment and Spa

Ayurveda, the traditional medical heritage of Kerala, beckons you  to relax and refresh your mind and body.

Varikkassery Mana

Majestic ancient architecture!

Mana embraces the traditional wisdom in architecture and aesthetics. The pond and the temple beside add to the beauty and historic value of the place. Visiting Manna makes you feel like the kings and queens of old Kerala. It also serves as the location for many Malayalam movies.

Distance: 7.8 km from Hotel Samudra Regency

Artistic heritage of Kerala preserved through dedicated performers!

Classical dance forms and classical music are taught by the greatest names in Kerala. People from across the world travel to enjoy the purest classical artforms of Kerala. The performances for visitors showcase the talent of the land. 

Distance: 6.2 km from Hotel Samudra Regency

Kerala Kalamandalam

Kunchan Smarakam

Cradle of creativity!

Kunchan Nambiar, the celebrated poet, satirist and the inventor of Ottamthullal, is known for his humour and critical mind. The silence and the subtlety of his memorial at his birthplace make us envision Nambiar’s creative energy. The traditional simple house is preserved for art lovers who love him.

Distance: 19 km from Hotel Samudra Regency

The first ever Ayurveda center in the world!

Upholds heritage of over a century’s tradition. The place to experience the healing touch of nature through the expert physicians and scholars of Ayurveda.  

Distance: 4.6 km from Hotel Samudra Regency

Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam